Fiberista Club Open Box - June 2015 & Giveaway

***There are affiliate links used throughout this post. The affiliate program for Fiberista Club is available to ALL its members, not just myself. I explain the program fully down in the post. I do not share things on this site that I do not truly LOVE and recommend. If however you choose to not want to use the affiliate like you can use this link here to gain more information about Fiberista Club. I am NOT being paid to write this post or to film the video.***

I am absolutely and utterly addicted to subscription services, well at least I used to be when I lived in the States. When I was in college, I remember subscribing to my very first subscription service called BirchBox. And let me tell you, pulling up to my apartment and seeing that bright pink box sitting in my mailbox made me the giddiest girl every month! Soon after that I found other services that delivered pure retail happiness every month. But as I grew out of the need for new makeup, skincare, etc. I found the gloriousness of Yarn/Fiber clubs and subscriptions!!! 

My favorite and current subscription is the Fiberista Club. This is a club that caught my eye because it focuses on fashion and modern style within the fiber arts. It has a sleek and chic vibe that encourages its members to create garments and accessories that are fashion forward and fit seamlessly into our everyday wardrobes. 

Below is a video of my open box for June and my thoughts and opinions written down for you all. If Fiberista Club has caught your eye take a moment and read down below for TWO chances to WIN a June package from Fiberista Club!!!! 

Fiberista Club is a yarn/fiber club that sends at least 2 skeins of luxury based yarn or at least 200 g of luxury based fiber from indie dyers each month. You also receive EXCLUSIVE patterns designed for their members each month along with some awesome swag and discounts. You can check out more information here

The main reason I LOVE LOVE LOVE this club is that it caters to the carefree and control freaks a like! With most yarn/fiber clubs or subscription services you really don't have a say in what you get each month. It's a surprise and you take it, trade it, or sell it if you don't like it.  Fiberista Club is different. If you are the carefree bohemia that LOVES a surprise each month you can set your preferences to "whatever, surprise me" and you will get that surprise each month.

BUT if you are like me and need a bit more CONTROL in your life, you have a say in almost EVERY aspect of you subscription. When you sign up, you can choose the weight of yarn you prefer or the type of fiber you would like as well. You also get to choose the color family you prefer. (ie. cool tones, neutrals, warm tones) And you get to choose the hue that you would like. (Ie. vibrant or muted tones.) 

The best part is that you also don't have to STAY with those preferences each month either. Each month the owners of Fiberista Club publish mood boards for the upcoming month and you are then able to go in and change your preferences based on those mood boards. Below is a photo of what June's mood boards looked like. (My preferences for this month were all weights, all hues, but I did choose the cool tone family.)

The other reason I love Fiberista Club so much is the fact that they are a newer service. Now admittedly with a newer company and service there are a few hiccups logistically that come along and need to be ironed out. And I truly believe that the owners have taken these with grace and improve each and every month. They are growing and improving each month and it makes me excited to see what is to come with this company and service! It is incredibly exciting! 

My first package last month was absolutely amazing! And honestly I wasn't sure if it could be beat but this month had me grinning from ear to ear and I am sooooo excited to work with the stunning mint yarn (photo above) that I received! Again this company and its owners KNOW whats in style right now and pay attention to that and provide the best colorways for the season! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Interested in Joining? 

Have I completely and utterly enabled you to join yet?!? haha (remember I'm not being paid to write this post for you all, I truly love this service and honestly just want to be that enabling force in your life! hahaha)

Well if you are interested, I have an amazing offer for you provided graciously from Hunter, the owner of Fiberista Club.

If you sign up using my referral link here AND type in the code KNITFITCH15 you will receive 15% off of your subscription term.

Also if you are reading this post months from now and Fiberista Club is offering a better discount than 15% this code will automatically be adjusted to the better offer. 

By the way. The referral link is offered to ALL Fiberista Club members. If you refer 3 friends you will receive a free month. I share this with you because it is available to all members. However, I honestly wouldn't share this service with you if I didn't truly love it. What's the point in that? If I didn't like it I wouldn't still be subscribed to it! Just keeping it real with you all! 


Hunter, the owner of Fiberista Club contacted me and asked if I'd be willing to host a giveaway for you all from Fiberista Club and of course I said yes! But Hunter didn't just offer one giveaway he offered TWO GIVEAWAYS! (THANK YOU SO MUCH HUNTER!!!) So Fiberista Club will be giving away a June Fiberista Club package to two lucky winners. One on Instagram and one here on 

So to enter the first giveaway head on over to MY INSTAGRAM page and look for the photo of this month's package. All the information for that giveaway will be on that photo. 

The second giveaway will be hosted here on the blog! (look below) Just enter below in the rafflecoptor widget and make sure you read the Terms and Conditions. GOOD LUCK!

Terms & Conditions 

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The winner will be contacted directly by me via the email they enter to participate in the drawing. The winner has 48 hours to reply to that email or a new winner will be chosen.

Entries that do not meet ALL requirements will be disqualified and a new winner will be chosen.

The giveaway is open internationally.

All entrants under the age of 18 must have parental permission in order to participate.

The Fiberista Club Package by Fiberista Club is provided for this giveaway by Fiberista Club. KnitFitch is hosting the giveaway on